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With years of experience and research, Elena Alfaro and the FANScinology team specialize in fan generation and emotional management, essential for economic sustainability.


At FANScinology we have collaborated with different prestigious schools. Some of the academic positions and projects we have developed are:

University of Granada: Master appearance in the session “Neuromarketing applied to business cases 2020”

Bind: Inspiration in the Customer Centric Master and creation of academic content 2019)

Complutense University: Member of Notables (Distinguished Board Members) Complutense in 2017

“In companies”in different companies: BMW, VOLVO, BBVA, ASICS, DESIGUAL, AECORK, BANESTO, etc.

Brand Strategy Teaching at MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA since 2016.

Participation in the creation of the IE Experience. IE Business School in 2014.

Teaching of the Tourism Business Management Program at the ESCOEX International Business School since 2013.

Creation of the Superior Customer Experience Program at ICEMD-ESIC Business School 2011-2016.

Customer Satisfaction Chair from the UCM together with Professor Enrique Ortega in 2008.

CRM, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty and Marketing of Experiences for specialized Courses at ESIC Business School since 2002.

Creation of courses in schools and training centers: European University, Lasalle, BAI, CIOMIJAS and UCM (Complutense University of Madrid) since 2002.


If 95% of decision making is emotional Can emotions be incorporated into business management? How can you Innovate Emotionally? And generate fans?

If your educational center is considering promoting Customer Experience and Emotional Innovation, FANScinology can help you in program design and educational curriculum.

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